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Date(s) - 17/07/2019 - 21/07/2019
15 h 00 min - 23 h 30 min

Shankra Festival



Dansez sur la terre douce, étendez-vous sur l’herbe verte et cherchez des fleurs colorées dans notre vallée magique! La magnifique vallée de Mesolcina, avec ses champs luxuriants parsemés de fleurs sauvages, est la merveilleuse maison du Festival de Shankra. Les châtaigniers, les pins et les sapins donnent leurs ombres aux terres vertes, donnant naissance à l’environnement idéal pour se détendre, s’amuser et se connecter avec la nature. La biodiversité de la région, ainsi que la diversité de la faune et de la flore, donne l’occasion de prendre contact avec l’image idyllique de la vallée: l’air frais, les teintes vives et une longue histoire qui remonte à l’antiquité sont le fond d’un mémorable expérience de festival.

Le programme du Shankra Festival 2019 :


Shankra 2019 Lineup

Artists going to share their message:
Special mention:
Goa Gil – 24 Hours Set on Lotus
Shankra Stage
Altruism – Brazil
Aioaska – Austria
Ajna – France
Ananda Shake *Retro Set* – Israel
Anficlavis – Switzerland
Aphid Moon – England
Audiomatic – Germany
California Sunshine – Israel
Daksinamurti – Germany
Divination – England
Drip Drop – Greece
Eclipse Echoes – Brazil
Electrypnose – Switzerland
Escape – England
Estefan0 Haze – Denmark
Etnica – Ibiza
Filterheads – UK/Austria
Filteria – Sweden
Fungus Funk – Russia
Gaudium *Retro Set * – Sweden 
Groove Box – Japan
Human Element – Switzerland
Hypnocoustics – England
Hypnoise – Spain
Imagine Mars – Israel
Indra *Retro Set* – Israel
Infx – Switzerland
Ingrained Instincts – England
Juno Reactor – England
Kabayun – America
Laughing Buddha – England
Lish *Retro Set* – Israel
Logic Bomb – Sweden
Mahi – Switzerland
Mekkanika – Ibiza
Metronome – Sweden
Module Virus – England
N.O.K – Germany
Ninesense – Portugal
Norma Project – Serbia
Olive Tree Dance – Portugal
Phobos – Italy
Protonica – Germany
Sesto Sento *Retro Set* – Israel
Shakta – England
Silicon Sound *Retro Set* – France
Southwild – Germany
Spectra Sonics – Japan
Spinal Fusion – India
StarSeed – Spain
Talamasca – France
Thatha – Brazil
The Muses Rapt – Spain
Total Eclipse – France
Transient Disorder – Portugal
Tryambaka – Portugal
Tsuyoshi Suzuki – Japan
Vertical Mode – Israel
Volcano – Israel
Waio – Germany
Whiptongue – Brazil
Zephirus Kane – Ibiza
Horizon Stage
Atmos – Sweden
Arcek – Mexico
Abc – Italy
Ankti – Serbia
Arctika – Switzerland
Asaya – Switzerland
Axon – Australia
Bi-Molecular – Switzerland
Blisargon Demogorgon – Macedonia
Cämix – Switzerland
Creator – Switzerland
Dark Whisper – Germany
Djapatox – Germany
Drift Away – Denmark
Edi – Austria
Effim – Switzerland 
Eitain Reiter – Israel
Emok – Sweden
Face Design – Switzerland
Flash Jack – Switzerland
Flowjob – Denmark
Flugbegleiter – Germany
Futuro – Mexico
Hasche – Germany
Headweller – Greece
Human Eyes – Switzerland
Insane Creatures – England
Khainz – Switzerland
Kynethik – Italy
Liquid Cat – Switzerland
Loopus In Fabula – Italy
M.Solez – Switzerland
Mama Gaia – Sweden
Melt – Australia
Mindsurfer – Switzerland
Minimalcircle – Germany
Müstik – Switzerland
Oxidaksi – Israel
Perfect Stranger – Israel
Plasmoon – Italy
Razael – Serbia
RückSicht – Switzerland
S-Range – Sweden
Sectio Aurea – Switzerland / 3 Hours Set
Section303 – England
Silent Sphere – Switzerland
Sinerider – England
Sonlight – Switzerland
Sphynx – Switzerland
Sumiruna – Australia
Suspect One – Switzerland
Technical Hitch – Israel
Tranonica – Germany
Triforce – Australia
Two Suspects – Switzerland
Vuchur – Germany
Walter Albini – Switzerland
Will o Wisp – Argentina
XV Kilist & Rocco – Switzerland
Xetrov – Austria
Zermor – Switzerland
Lotus Stage
Ancient Core – Romania
Aeuum – Slovenia
AudioTraffic – Switzerland
Balancé – Portugal
Biop6 – Switzerland
Comrade – Italy
Cosmicleaf – Greece
Devin – Switzrtland
Diego – Switzerland
Emo – South Africa
Etnica In Dub – Ibiza
Etsaman – Croatia
Far Beyond – Macedonia
Gabriel Le Mar – Germany
Galaxy Drop – Switzerland
Gayalaxy – Portugal
Hadron Orchestra – Hungary
I.M.D – Mexico
Instant Euphory – Poland
Kala Hari – Portugal
Kaya Project – England
Lenny P – Switzerland
Loopus In Fabula – Italy
Loraine James – England
Maluns – Switzerland
Manuman – Canada
Minimalists – India
Monkey Breeders – Switzerland
Nyah – Switzerland
Osiris – Switzerland
Osman Gayatree – Russia
Proxima Centauri – Switzerland
Rising Galaxy – Greece
Samaya – Netherlands
Side Liner – Greece
Spiral Hand – Switzerland
Stuff – Switzerland
The Flying Mars – Switzerland
Tranceway – Italy
Tripswitch – England
Tryptophant – Germany




Inspiration is the primary source of action: we find something new that awakes our interest, that becomes enthusiasm and may change our daily routine. Get inspired with our program of workshops and activities: you will have the chance to learn new and exciting things, training your body and feeding your soul. The best learning practice is a guided journey: trained instructors, yoga teachers, musicians, knowledge-bearers will accompany you and introduce you to their practices. Do you want to propose your workshop? Share your knowledge and include people in your world. Yoga, meditation, juggling, music, permaculture: we are open to any activity that will enrich us and enlarge our visions of the world.



Knowledge is the most precious value we can gain. Through knowledge, we can get in touch with deep meanings and unexpected connections that can change our perception of reality. Enrich your personal culture by following our program of lectures: a broad range of topics will be addressed, covering different areas of interest. Do you want to present your lecture? Introduce us to your projects, sharing your knowledge with us. From science to religion, culture and history, you will be able to present your contents through a dedicated conference.



Reconnecting with your body, touching inner spots and cleaning your spirit is sometimes a much-needed process that we tend to underestimate in our daily routine. At Shankra Festival we want to give you the chance to consciously work towards a deeper understanding of yourself, your spirit and the planet, with the precious help of healers from all around the world. Do you want to present your healing practice? Massage, meditation, natural medicine: show us your way of caring for the body and the soul, by sharing your healing practices with people.



Expressing what we have inside is the timeless engine that moves us towards creation. At Shankra Festival we want to showcase many types of creations, including a diverse program of performances, from dancing shows to theatre acts, fire performances and juggling exhibitions. Do you want to perform at the festival? Show us your talent and perform in the unique location of Shankra Festival. Fire performance, dancing shows, live music, theatre: express yourself and share your visions with people.



The most powerful way of creating is using our imagination. Sharing our visions with people is like selling plane tickets to our personal world: you will be able to travel through the artistic expressions of painters and creators, presented in the unique environment of Shankra Festival. Do you want to show your art? Get inspired by the landscape and share your art with us: speak the language of imagination and send your message to people.



We are pleased to inform you all that Families and Children are the most welcome to spend their time joining us in our fifth edition of Shankra Festival.


The Village is placed in a peaceful site surrounded by nature: uncontaminated greenery, rich in plants and flowers, will make our curious creatures understand, appreciate the greatness and the diversity of the Universe.

Eco-Friendly Environment

The Village is built with recycled material, keeping in mind an eco-friendly concept with less impact on nature.

Opening Hours

From Wedndesday to Sunday during the following hours:

Day Morning Afternoon
Wednesday 14:00-18:00
Thursday 9:00-12:00 14:00-18:00
Friday 9:00-12:00 14:00-18:00
Saturday 9:00-12:00 14:00-18:00
Sunday 9:00-12:00


Professionals and volunteers with experience in the educational field will entertain the kids.
Please note that at least one parent has to remain during the activities due to responsibility issues.

What to do

Kids will be free to play, join craft and artistic activities or participate in a variety of inspiring and creative workshops specifically developed for growing minds.
Here you have a few to be mentioned:

• Drawing and Painting
• Lectures
• Juggling
• Outdoor Games
• Story-telling
• Soft Yoga


All children between 3-11 years old can join the Village;
Be sure to reserve a place for your child, signing in the participation form at the following CHILDREN’S VILLAGE APPLICATION FORM

Pour toutes les infos :